Problem loading two maps from Mapsource


Wondering if there is a 'trick' to loading two maps (Greece and Japan) at the same time from mapsource to my 680. If I transfer one map to the gpsr, then when I go back and transfer the second map, the first one disappears from the gpsr, just like when you load poi's. If I load both maps into the map 'box' of Mapsource, then they both show up with the same title as the first one I transferred. I can't seem to figure out how to load both maps sets and get thm each to show in the gpsr. Anyone know the trick?


You have to load them at the same time. That's the only way it works.

I'm not sure what you mean by "If I load both maps into the map 'box' of Mapsource, then they both show up with the same title as the first one I transferred."

The procedure for loading maps from MapSource is to use the Map Select tool to highlight the map segments you want to load. If these are from different "maps products" that are loaded into MapSource, you simply use the drop down list to select the second map product and then select the segments from that product.

Then once all the segments are selected (ie they show up in the Maps tab), you send all of them. You can change the "title" of the mapset by clicking in the name box at the bottom of the Maps tab.

On your unit, the maps will show up respective of the map product from which they came.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I

Hi, thanks for your reply. I tried that. I first chose Japan,then held my curser over all of the map until it loaded it onto the maps tab. Then from the pull down menu, I selsected Greece, which then showed the map of Greece...I placed my curser over the map, again and drag it across the entire map and it then showed the Greece selection in the same box with listed all of the areas in alphabetic both maps. I did not change the 'map set'. when I transfered it to my gps, it was ALL listed under Greece, I suppose because because that was the last map I loaded. I think they were both loaded into the gpsr but cant be sure because it didn't load under separate names.


Ok. But what difference does it make on the unit? The maps don't overlap so you can have them both selected at the same time, right?

So you can just browse the map screen to see them.

Good question, but since I

Good question, but since I am not in Japan or Greece, I don't know how it will display. Typically,when you have two separate maps stored in your unit,they are listed separately, ie., Japan and then one for Greece. In my case, it just lists Japan and then shows a number of the prefectures, areas, etc, following the country Japan. No mention of Greece but several Greece cities are listed under Japan. As I said, for some reason, it has combined the two countries (maps) under one country. As I mentioned before, when you load (select) both countries, areas from both maps are shown together, in alphabetical order...a few japanese cities, then one Greek city or area, then another Japanese or two, etc, etc,etc. all under JAPAN.


But even if you aren't in Japan or Greece, you can browse and pan the map and look at it from anywhere. You can even turn the GPS receiver function off and set your location in those areas.

My guess (and this a WAG) is that maybe they are getting put together based upon the types of maps and where they came from. (I guessing that these aren't standard issue Garmin maps but rather third party maps.)

You are absolutely correct,

You are absolutely correct, on both counts. And I discovered what you already knew. By dragging my finger across the map I could place it over Greece or Japan and voila!, there they were, roads and all. I think you were right, because they are third part maps, they just loaded differently. Thanks for your insight.


Great! Glad you got it figured out. Sorry I wasn't more clear about how to browse the map the first time.