BP stations in the Kansas City metro area


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Last updated 07/16/2015

Raw file: BP-stations-KC-20150716.csv (11.31 KB)

Includes 93 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: KS, MO

This is a long-overdue maintenance update to BP stations within a 50-mile radius of downtown Kansas City, MO. Raw data was taken from the BP Station Finder website on 29 June 2015, then corrected, refined, geo-coded and tested in csv and gpx formats. If a station has diesel, repair services, BP Driver Rewards, an ATM or a car wash, then those are indicated. If the BP website lists none of those for a given station, then "No enhancements, per BP website" is indicated. A BP-icon bmp file is available in the POI Icon Library on this website.

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