It's never about the money...


I was about to link the same

I was about to link the same article. ROFLs. I was snickering and rolling my eyes the whole time that I was reading the article. Here's an excerpt:


"The goal is to cut down on accidents," said Mayor Ronald Serpico of Melrose Park, which installed cameras at two North Avenue intersections. "If you can accomplish that and make some money along the way, that's fine."

Some money, though, can mean a lot of money: Chicago, the state's pioneer in red-light cameras, expects to make $52.3 million in revenue from the devices this year, a near-tripling of the $19.8 million collected in 2006.

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Daley came out with it....

He admits he's in it for the money...

With the city of Chicago facing a $104 million budget deficit, Mayor Richard M. Daley's budget proposal includes a plan to boost revenue by $2 million through the installation of additional red light cameras. The existing set of twenty cameras has already generated than $18 million in tickets for the city since they were installed in 2003.


When they include the proposed profits of the cameras in their budgets... it's all about the money. Dallas did the same thing and went from 15 cameras to 50 cameras before the installation began. Now 100 cameras are planned, if not in place already. Houston has done the same.

That's what I am talking about. Don't try to lie and say that it's about the safety. Be a man and tell the truth. The city wants more of your money but we are too chicken to tax you. grin

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What do you expect?

It's Chicago, right?

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I would rather have those

I would rather have those who run the lights pay for it than me having to pay for it. Glad I have the redlight program downloaded to my Garmin hahaha.

Are you ready, Ms. Poi?

With all those new additions in the windy city, it would keep you busy for a while and keep me posting for a long time.

Columbus, too

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled this week that red-light and speed cameras are legal. Columbus immediately announced it would double its cameras from 20 to 40...

And smaller cities are getting in on the act...

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I am always ready,

I am always ready,smile You just let me know when and where they have been installed and I will make sure they get into the file.

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