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I am having trouble downloading custom vehicle icons to my Nuvi 200w. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Well...what kind of problems

Well...what kind of problems are you having? Simply dropping the .SRF file in the Garmin/Vehicles folder is all that is required. Of course, you'll need at least 1.5meg available to do so.

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What are your problems?

Yes, we need to know more about what your problems are. I also have the 200W and have put at least four new vehicles into the unit. It is possible that you are downloading the vehicles in a compressed format (.zip or .rar). You need to decompress them into the .srf file using a program like WINZIP or WINRAR. Then just drop the resulting .srf file into the Vehicles folder on your GPS unit.
If that is not the problem, tell us more.

Steve W. - nuvi 50LM, 255W & 200W - Philadelphia, PA area

Thanks for the info. I have

Thanks for the info. I have actually figured out what I was doing wrong.