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Custom POI's


I have a Garmin Nuvi 200W.
I like the fact that I can create custom POI's. I like to save them on the SD card as not to use up all the limited memory on the device. However every time I power up
I get the message " New extras found on card. Would you like to install this data so that it will be available if the card is removed?" I select no, but I get the message everytime I power up. Is there a way to do this without getting this prompt everytime?
Also are proximity alerts only supported by devices that play MP3? I can seem to get the alerts to work for me.

Delete some languages

Unless you speak all the languages loaded into your nüvi, you will find that those languages use up a LOT of space and deleting most of the ones you will never use will free up enough space for a grunt load of Custom POI files.


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Strangest thing...

Deleting the other 5000 or so languages that I don't speak somehow helped my satellite acquisition time. I know it doesn't make sense but it seems to be true???

Kerry in Dallas

Missng the point

Thanks for the replys.
The point is I want to have the custom POI's on the SD card, and not on the device. I deleted the lanuages I don't need and with the extra memory, it seems that the maps updates better.
I found out the message can be cleared by selecting yes, then I have the option to not show the message again.

Any help with the POI alerts? Can seem to get this feature to work for me.....


Alerts will work, but you will get the default tone as the Custom Alert sounds will not work.

Be aware that regular POIs do not produce alerts automatically. If you want to be alerted, you must set an alert. You can do this in a number of ways. The most straightforward, perhaps, is to run POI Loader in Manual Mode and set what alerts you desire.

Then it is important to know that the alerts on Garmin units function as an "along the road/route" alert and not as a radius alert. You must be traveling on the road on which the POI is located, traveling in the direction of the POI, and the POI must be sufficiently close to the road in order for the alert to be triggered.


If you add them to your SD card it Will prompt you every time you turn your GPSr on. There is no way to shut the prompt off. At least none that I know of!

Shut Off SD Prompt

yanksforever wrote:

If you add them to your SD card it Will prompt you every time you turn your GPSr on. There is no way to shut the prompt off. At least none that I know of!

As stated a few posts above:
1. Select YES when prompted
2. Tap box that says not to show option
3. Tap SKIP
That should take care of the prompt coming up in the future. Wonder if there is anyway of getting the prompt to reappear again other than a reload of the operating software.

Steve W. - nuvi 50LM, 255W & 200W - Philadelphia, PA area


on30trainman wrote:

Wonder if there is anyway of getting the prompt to reappear again.

It appears to compare the time stamps of the files - and re-enable the prompt if the one on the card's newer.

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PoI Alerts

Thanks Motorcycle Mama.
I'll give that a try. So far I haven't been able to get any alerts.
I thought it had something to do with my device, since it doesn't play MP3.
By the way, what does the default tone sound like, so I'll know when I hear it.

POI Alerts

One other question.
Does POI loader automatically set an alert when loaded manually, if I set the distance?
Or is there something I need to modify in the POI file?


Alert should sound

Alert should sound automatically when you get to the distance set.
On my C330 and C340 I get a ding-ding and the red alert bar at the top of screen with the name of the POI.

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