Apple iPOD Touch - bluetooth Adapter and GPSr?


Has anyone tried a bluetooth adapter for the iPOD Touch and connected to a bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver to see if GPS navigation works?

If so, what components were used?
Was the iPOD Touch map utility used?
Does MS Streets and trips work? DeLorme?

I am blown away by the latest features of the iPOD Touch, and its user-friendly multi-platform integration with Windows, Macintosh, Gmail (imap support), Microsoft Exchange Mail (imap support), Outlook and Macintosh Calendars and Address books.

Now all we need is a built-in GPSr!

No adapter for data transfer

I have yet to see an iPod Bluetooth adapter for anything other than wireless headphones. The Touch's current mapping feature is just a link to Google Maps and requires a Wi-Fi connection. Bluetooth on a GPSr links to phones for dialing and conversing but is not able to link with other devices. I think your idea is blocked on both sides of equation for the moment.

If anyone knows differently please set me straight.

Brent - DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S

Much needed App

For years I used a Palm Zire and a remote bluetooth GPS mouse plotting onto UK Ordnance survey maps using Fugawi Software. It was the best of all possible setups. Having gone to the iPod touch that is sadly not an option and I search repeatedly for its equivalent for the Touch. I would be quite prepared to use the GPS mouse onto the OS3 bluetooth setup but cannot get the Touch to find the GPS