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I'm Back again I am still exploring my street Pilot Garmin C510. I have noticed that when I access the option right click properties to see the capacity storage of my hardrive, shows me a lot of free space left . Ironically the unit is not allowing me to download even a very small file.

Every time a message shows me that the disk is full or the system exceeded.

I don't know whether my unit is genuine one or not.

Can anyone help me please?


Ok, can you give a little bit more information?

What are you trying to "download"? What are you using to load it?

How much space is shown total on the unit? How much space is free? How big is the file?

What do you mean that you "don't know whether your unit is genuine or not"?

Also, just an FYI, your GPS unit doesn't have a hard drive. It's solid state memory.

I am sorry that i did not

I am sorry that i did not explain myself clearly.
I am not so technical.

I am using windows XP.

I am trying to download new vehicle icons released by Garmin.

When I start to download the icons a screen shot appears indicating that the disk is full or the system exceeded. Then the download is aborted.

I was amazed by this, since when i checked the capacity of the memory (Control Panel-Right Click Properties) I found that littlen less than 2gb space is still available.

Since i bought this unit from E-Bay as re-packed product i suspect that something inside the memory of the unit was altered.

I am always subject to correction since as I said i am not technical in this field.




Ok, and no problem with being not so technical.

Are you sure that you have 2GB free? My Zumo has a total capacity of 1.14GB and I currently have 63MB free.

Then did you unzip the vehicle files? And are you copying that unzipped file (the one that ends in .SRF) to the vehicles folder on your GPS unit?

Each vehicle file is typically around 1.2 to 1.4 MB in size. Can you confirm what the size of the file is you are trying to copy to your unit?

eBay is always tricky with GPS units because there is always a chance that they aren't legitimate in some way, but if you are viewing the drive, you should still be seeing the correct amount of available space.

Apparently we understood

Apparently we understood each other.

The file i am trying to dowload is 1.3mb (.SRF)

I double checked the memory where it shows its capacity as follows:-

Free Space:-1.73GB

Total Capacity 1/94GB

If there is something wrong with the memoy, can i download the files on SD Card only?

Thanks again for your help.


Ok, now I'm really confused.

The preloaded maps should take up somewhere between .9GB and 1.2 GB. So you shouldn't have that much space available and should have more than 216MB used.

Are the maps missing? Do you see a file named gmapprom.img?

In fact check for the basemap as well.

gmapbmap.img - this is your basemap (should be about 14MB)
gmapprom.img - this is your preloaded detail maps (should be about 900MB for the v8 maps)
gmapsupp.img - this is a supplemental map file (which you probably don't have)

And the vehicle files won't work from the SD card.

Edited to add: I wonder if this unit was from a car rental agency and perhaps is locked in some way. Are there any usual markings on the case?



-PROM.IMG 180,996KB

The unit seem to be intact. It is pre-loaded loaded with UK maps version 9 and Software Version 6.

The E-Bayer advertised the unit as re-packed by Garmin.

He also advertised that besides the pre-loaded maps uk one can purchase the whole Europe mapping on SD Card.

I hope so.

If this is the case the vehicle icons are not that important to me.



Ah, UK. Sorry that didn't cross my mind. Yes, a single region's maps would be considerably smaller than the full version.

But this doesn't explain why you can't copy the vehicle files. You would seem to have plenty of space.

Maybe try a different vehicle file (just a shot in the dark) and be sure you are copying it to the vehicles folder.

Also, here's a link to the maps that are available from Garmin.

Thanks very much for your

Thanks very much for your hel. I will try.


Garmin says they won't all fit

On the Garmin page where you download all vehicles it says:

"All of these vehicles will not fit on a unit at the same time".

Maybe the size of this folder has a restriction regardless of how much free space there appears to be. I suggest you download the ones you want one at a time, or download all vehicles onto you computer and load your favorites. Here's a link to the Garmin page:

Dave - Garmin Nuvi 1390LMT.


kentia wrote:

Free Space:-1.73GB

Total Capacity 1/94GB

The StreetPilot C510 has 256MB of internal memory.
See top line of this screenshot:-


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