Acquiring sattelites after a big jump


Hi - I know it takes a long time for my Garmin Nuvi (370) to acquire the new satellite positions are a long plane ride. I am heading from NY to Venice and would like to be able to use the Garmin as soon as possible. Is there any way to make the acquistion faster. Does the Garmin recognize a change in home location, or, as I fear, is that just a waypoints like all others. A reset would lose all the stored poi's (perhaps I should store them on the sd card, and then just reset without the card). Any thoughts on this? When I flew from LA to SF, the wait to find a satellite so I could tell the cab where to go was non-trivial.

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me to having the same issue.

me to having the same issue. but mine is Nuvi(750)

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faster aquisition

I haven't tried this but it won't hurt, as soon as the plane lands turn on the unit and if you are on a window seat the better, while you wait to get off the plane it may do it, and as soon as you leave the terminal it will finish if the time on the plane wasn't enough.

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set loc on the Garmin 680

I know that on the Garmin 680 it has a set loc on when you have the GPS off (antenna stored) and you are looking around in the map. I returned my Garmin otherwise i would test it myself.

Shouldn't be a major issue...

nathbeck wrote:

Does the Garmin recognize a change in home location... A reset would lose all the stored poi's...

You'll probably get the "Have you moved hundreds of miles?" question and have to wait to wait a while but other than that there shouldn't be any major issues. I think the "Set Loc." function tells the Garmin firmware where it is, until such time as the Sirf unit starts pumping out valid data. I've never heard any mention of it using that information to 'prime' the Sirf receiver. (Wouldn't it need the current time as well as location to be able to do that?). It might help you do POI lookups though.

(I once switched my Nüvi OFF while travelling at 600+ mph on a plane - it was mighty confused when I switched it back on at home; it showed me moving at 900+ mph...that required a click of the Reset button on the back. But pressing the Reset button doesn't cause any loss of data.)

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I went on a trip recently

I went on a trip recently with my 650 and it took about 5 minutes to get the new satellites.

About 5 minutes

It took my Nüvi 260 about 5 minutes to sync up with the satellites here in Denver after I used it for a trip to Ft. Myers FL and then flew home.... about 2200 driving miles. Better than the results in a lot of other posts I've read on this topic.

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Navigation Signals

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