nuvi 660 missing hwy


So I recently was given a nuvi 660 for the holidays. I live in Colorado and was plotting a course to Las Vegas. All was well except that the road I drive on was no where to be found on the nuvi 660. I have the updated software and maps, and it was no where. It is hwy 50. I live is Gunnison, Colorado. Anyone else missing highways? Any help would be huge. This is quite frustrating! Thanks ya'll.

Try this

I looked in Mapsource and it is there, goes right thru Gunnison, look for US 50, I made a route from Gunnison to Vegas and it takes me west US 50 to Grand Junction and picks up I70 to I15 and down to Vegas 638 miles route.

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HWY 50

Sir , sorry but i see 50 ,72 ,38 and 135 in the area of Gunnison, Colorado.

Are you set at full details map ?

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Missing Highway

Map services for Garmin come from NavTeq. They are at If you go to the website you can report a missing road - or any other map specific problems - to then by selecting "Map Reporter" in the center of the top of the home page.

After that, just fill in the appropriate blanks, etc. The correction will probably show up on the next map revision. They just put one out toward the end of last year.

The 660 is a great GPS. I've had mine for less than a year and I love it. Let me know where you sent your letter to Santa, I'm not sure I have the same address you are using.

To Trigon

Not need to report via a form. The route 50 is there.


Ooops -

I typed before I looked at the map. Dumb me. Must be all the rain we got in CA. Soggy brain and all.


Interestingly enough, when I

Interestingly enough, when I went to map info, I had City Navigator North America NT 2008 checked. When this was checked, HWY 50 did not show up. However, when I have it unchecked, hwy 50 shows up and it sends me the right direction. So, it seems that the newest map does not show the correct hwy. Any thoughts?

Yes It Is -

Not sure what is going on, I'm using the same map you are and I see US-50 on mine. I see the US-50/CO-135 intersection using either the NA NT 2008 or Base Maps. Strange things are happening. Anyone else got any ideas?

Everything is normal

Everything is normal. Hwy 50 is there.
NT 2008 is ok for this area. No problem at all.

I don't know what's going on with his unit.
You must keep select the NT 2008.
If its not select you are not able to get any map.

Just call Garmin and they will reset your chart database by phone with you sir.