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New to this great site and I have a few questions about my new NUVI 660. Is there a way to turn something on so it will show restaurants and other POI's while your driving? On my eTrex Vista CX you can turn declutter on and off but I don't find anything like that on the NUVI. To find anything you have to do a search. Just curious.


****NUVI 660****


Only if you zoom in close enough to see your shoe laces, other than that, nope.


That really sucks. I guess they think that it's not necessary to have useful info on the screen while your driving.

****NUVI 660****


bgattis wrote:

That really sucks. I guess they think that it's not necessary to have useful info on the screen while your driving.

Or they think that trying to read 50 little constantly changing descriptives names/icons while driving isn't the best idea in the world. smile You can view them if you zoom in and scroll around while safely parked on the side of the road, or you can indicate a location and search for the closest 50 things by name (by subcategory if you wish), then get directions to one.


I have a hard enough time glancing over and reading the occasional street name, I could see that would be tough to read on the fly.
Might have something to do with why they have that big WARNING at boot up wink

It CAN be done safely

On my 2720, I did have the ability to see icons for POIs without having to zoom in to the max. In fact, I seem to recall that you could set the zoom scale where certain items started to show. However, I might be confusing the 2720 with my older Streetpilot III.

Seeing that there are places ahead, even without knowing the specifics (i.e. fuel or fast food, or a bank, etc), is a feature that they need to bring back to the Nuvi series.


Question: Garmin MAD Maps Get Outta Town

Is Garmin's "Get Outta Town" maps compatible with Nuvi 660? Garmin's web site shows only Zumo 450/550.
Thank you!



The Zumo firmware was just updated to allow this functionality.

And just so you know, it's not really maps. It's a sort of strange customized routes.

One user on the Zumo forum downloaded (ie paid for) two routes and his experience was somewhat mixed.

They load under the Extras Menu and don't allow you to modify or simulate the route.

The POI information included seemed good though.

The routes also cannot apparently be loaded to MapSource.