Fry's Electronics POI


I downloaded and installed the file.
When clicking on it, the co-ordinates do not match where the stores really are. It does not even know the names of the streets based on the co-ordinates that are used.
I don't have Excel but re-did the file in "kml" format which is readable in POI Explorer.

If I am wrong, let me know. If you want my file, let me know.

Line 2

One problem is the longitude in line 2 (Renton, WA) is missing the negative sign.


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My local Fry's are OK.

Seems like Fremont and Concord are OK.

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I added the negative sign

I added the negative sign back in.

Miss Poi

The ones I found wrong were

The ones I found wrong were Anaheim, City of Industry, and what first came up was that one in Camp Pendleton (which does not exist) is closest to my house. I live in Anaheim and these co-ordinates are way off. I did not check any others, I just re ran it and they were now correct.
Anaheim:Latitude: 33.85328 / Longitude: -117.848183
City of Industry:Latitude: 34.031466 / Longitude: -118.009276
Anaheim:Latitude: 33.51201 / Longitude: -117.50898
City of Industry:Latitude:34.0188/Longitude:-118.00549,