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I have lost the web site of the free download of Microsoft Maps that are comparable to Google Earth. Am I dreaming, or is there such a site?

Help would be appreciated.

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Re: Microsoft Maps

I believe you are thinking of the one located at:

under "Install 3D"

Hope this helps,


Thanks Krieger, that's the one. I just couldn't put my mind in gear to find it.

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Re: Thanks

Glad to assist!

I have never seen this

I have never seen this sight, thanks for the link.

Wrong One - Sorry

Guess I was confused, I thought it also gave coordinates.

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Microsoft Maps

I couldn't find anything i was looking for on the microsoft site you was talking about i will stay with Google earth least everytime i look for a business or any address google earth finds it not like micorsoft

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I, myself was disappointed in the Microsoft site. It sure seems like there once was a Microsoft site with maps that gave the coordinates like Google Earth. For what I get out of Google Earth it's hardly worth the 12MB's, but I want the coordinates. I have addresses in the country (County Roads) that my GPS does not map, but with Google, I can spot the property, get the coordinates, load them into the GPS and be on my way.

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Try Yahoo Maps

I just went to and did a right click on a spot on the map. When I chose to route either to here or from here, it put the latitude and longitude in the appropriate place on the left window.

A whole lot less overhead than the 12MB you're talking about for Google Earth.

The result is in degrees and decimal degrees, but the decimal part can be converted to minutes and seconds very easily. To do so, multiply the decimal by 60 and that gives you minutes. Multiply the remaining decimal by 60 and that gives you seconds if you need it.



Robert660 wrote:

... It sure seems like there once was a Microsoft site with maps that gave the coordinates like Google Earth. ...

You may be thinking of this site:

It shows coordinates once you zoom in close enough.


Many Thanks

Thanks JM, that's IT. Be glad your not old. smile).

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