POIs from vendor's web page


I use an Excel add in that does this process simply and quick.

1. Paste locations into new Excel worksheet using Special Paste < Text.
2. select all locations.
3. Open ASAPUtilities>Format>Advance Transpose
4. Enter the size of your repeat.
5. Select Okay

The macro puts the first line of each set in column one; the second line in column two etc.

6. Select columns to merge.
7. Select Asaputilities > Columns/Rows > merge columns
Enter the separator where indicated ie a comma then a space, just a space or line break "{lf}".

The columns are merged with separator placed for each column.

Copy the addresses into a geo coder I use Visualizer.

Before pasting the results I undo the merge and merge again with Line breaks as the seperator.

Then paste results of Geo Coding. Simple and quick process after doing it a few times