Get-Go Gas Stations from Giant Eagle (CSV and OV2) V11 US POI


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Last updated 08/15/2010

Raw file: Get-Go.csv (11.84 KB)


Includes 157 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: MD, OH, PA, WV
  • some may be in: MI (near a border)

Get-Go Gas Stations from Giant Eagle (CSV and OV2) V11 US POI

Includes all 157 Get-Go Gas Stations in PA/OH/WV/MD.

GetGo/WetGo,City State, *Addtional Fuel Types or Kitchen* (Hours) (Area Code)Phone #

Names will show GetGo/WetGo if the Get-Go station has a car wash.

Other fuel types by abbreviation or if that particular Get-Go has a Kitchen that makes fresh food to order.
D = Diesel
E85 = E85 Ethanol
K = Kerosene
B = Biodiesel
Kitchen = Get-Go Kitchen

Please email me at if you have any questions, if you see any coordinates that are wrong or missing/closed locations for this POI.

Giant-Eagle Grocery Stores (CSV and OV2) US V6 POI is also available:

Changes on this release (8/15/2010):
Locations Added:
Erie PA, W 26th St. location
Altoona PA, W Plank Rd. location *Credit to member: dcmiller*
Beaver Falls PA location

Added Kitchen label under the additional fuel types labeling to locations with the Get-Go Kitchen. See above.
Barberton, OH location: Corrected hours and phone number
Bedford, OH location: Added E85 Fuel Type
North Canton, OH Location: Added WetGo designation
Cleveland, OH, W 117th St. Location: Added E85 Fuel Type
Medina, OH Location: Corrected Hours
Columbus, OH Busch Blvd. Location: Corrected Hours
Groveport, OH Location: Added E85 Fuel Type
Hilliard, OH Hayden Location: Added WetGo designation
Heath, OH Location: Fixed formatting
Columbus, OH Stelzer Rd. Location: Added WetGo designation and E85 Fuel Type
East Freedom, PA Location: Added Diesel Fuel Type
Greensburg, PA Location: Corrected phone number
Gibsonia, PA Location: Added WetGo designation and corrected coordinates

*Revision V10* (1/5/2010):

Corrected Gibsonia, PA Coordinates

*Revision V9* (1/3/2010):

Added Locations:
Wadsworth, OH Location has been added.
North Canton, OH Location has been added.
Twinsburg, OH Location has been added.
Upper Arlington, OH Location has been added.
GetGo Express Harmerville, PA location added (Located on Giant-Eagle POI as well)

*Revision V8* (3/30/2009):

Added Locations:
Stow, OH location
Canton, OH Cromer Ave. location
Dover, OH location
Hartville, OH location
Cleveland, OH W 117th St. location
Cleveland, OH E 116th St. (Buckeye) location
Cleveland, OH Day Drive Location
Groveport OH Location
Columbus OH, Stelzer Rd. Location
Edinboro PA Location
Franklin PA Location
Middlefield OH Location
Wexford PA Location
East Liverpool OH Location

Closed Locations:
Upper Arlington OH Location
Twinsburg OH Location

Massillon, OH Location: Corrected Phone Number
Uniontown, OH Location: Corrected Coordinates
Cleveland OH, Fairview Park Location: Corrected Hours
Sheffield Lake OH Location: Corrected Phone Number
Columbus OH, W. Broad St. Location: Corrected Hours
Altoona PA Location: Corrected Hours and Phone Number
Pittsburgh PA Fox Chapel Location: Corrected Name, should be Freeport Rd.
Allison Park PA Location: Corrected Hours
Washington PA, Exit 6 Location: Corrected Street, should be Exit Wylie.

Added other fuel types by abbreviation, see above
Barberton, OH Location: Corrected Hours
Fairlawn, OH Location: Corrected Hours
New Castle, PA Wilmington Rd. Location: Corrected Hours
Cleveland, OH Lakewood Location: Corrected Hours
Chargin Falls, OH Location: Corrected Hours
North Royalton, OH Location: Corrected Hours
Columbus, OH Blacklick Location: Corrected Hours
Columbus, OH Busch Blvd. Location: Corrected Hours
Heath, OH Location: Corrected Hours
Marietta, OH Location: Corrected Coordinates
Lewis Center, OH Location: Corrected Hours
Greensburg, PA Location: Corrected Phone Number and Coordinates

*Revision V7* (9/11/2008):

Corrected Phone number for Medina, OH.
Corrected Phone number for Brookpark, OH.
Corrected more missing breaks.
Sorted Locations by Areas in POI file.
Fixed formatting on a few phone numbers.

*Revision V6* (9/8/2008):

Fixed problem with Columns 3 and 4 combining with certain POI programs, Credit to Jefferbob for pointing this out.

*Revision V5* (9/5/2008):

*Credit to Member Trapperman*
Corrected a typo on line 57: Chagrin instead of Chargin
More Formatting errors corrected.

*Revision V4* (9/3/2008):

*Credit to member jefferbob* Corrected 3 missing breaks in the file.
Corrected several other missing breaks.
Added missing phone number for Lewis Center, OH.
Corrected missing hours for a few PA locations
Reformatted Descriptions and Phone Numbers

*Revision V3* (7/12/2008):

Updated Sarver, PA location.
Released GPX version.

*Revision V2* (5/1/2008):

Redid coordinates on this release to be more accurate.
Added MD/OH/WV locations, now includes all locations in US.
Updated naming to add WetGo in names to indicate the Get-Go station has a Wet-Go Carwash.

*Revision V1* (10/9/2007):

First release - PA only


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