Displaying PIO's?



Newbie here...

So, this may be another dumb question...

I was recently in Japan and my rental car had an Integrated GPS. I noticed that as I was driving along, there were many PIO icons on the display, like 7-Elevens, Gas Stations, etc.

This is a feature that I assumed was included with all automotive GPS's. I would LOVE it if I could enable my Garmin C530 to do this.

From what I have read on this site, so far, my understanding of PIO's is that you can only select them as a destination (Extras). I would really like to have them constantly displayed as icons. So, when I am traveling and I need a gas sation or restuarant, I can just look at my display to see if one is coming up.

In the past, I have used Delorme's Street Atlas (on a laptop), with a GPS Receiver and it has this feature.

Is there anyway to do this with my C530?