Vote For Contributors Of The Year 2023


It’s once again time to reflect on the things you enjoy about POI Factory and consider the members who help to make this community the great place it is.

Volunteers contribute to our community in a variety of ways. Some share their experience or expertise in the forums. Some make and maintain POI files or FAQ pages. While others submit sound files, BMP icon images, or location updates.

Voting is open to anyone who currently has General Maintainer status (stars badge), and you can vote for any General Maintainer (other than JM or myself)

Here's a link to a list of all the General Maintainers:

General Maintainers

You vote for someone by clicking the button that says "Vote for This User" on their user profile page.

You only get to vote for one person; however you can change your vote if you decide to vote for someone else.

Those members who are new or without General Maintainer status can still participate by sharing their thoughts or suggestions in this discussion thread.

Voting will end as the new year begins (midnight Eastern time).


If you have general maintainer stars, please cast your vote today!


Whoot Whoot!

Good Luck Everyone!



My vote is in . . .

it gets tougher each year. My thanks to the great people that support this forum.