New Photo Red Light System Going Into Effect In Glendale, AZ


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Posted by KKAT TV on Tuesday August 7, 2007 at 1:42 am MDT
NEW PHOTO RED LIGHT SYSTEM GOING INTO EFFECT IN GLENDALE GLENDALE, Ariz. – To reduce the number of car accidents caused by drivers running red lights, Glendale is installing a photo red light system at the intersection of 59th Avenue and Peoria. Several of these systems are being used all over the state, but this pilot program will bring the first photo red light camera to Glendale.

There will be a one-month warning period beginning Monday, August 6. Drivers will receive a notice of violation in the mail, but will not be issued a formal citation. After the warning period ends, drivers will receive a citation with a login, allowing access to review the pictures and video of the violation via the Web site.

The cost for a violation is $197. Drivers have the option to attend defensive school. Citations can be paid online at

American Express, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Drivers can also drop off or mail in payment to the Glendale City Court at 5711 W. Glendale Ave. Glendale, AZ 85301, or by calling (623) 930-2427. American Traffic Solutions, Inc. will monitor the new system for two years, and then an independent consultant will evaluate its effectiveness. The Glendale transportation department conducted a study to determine the best intersection for the trial. Factors in the selection of the intersection included number of crashes, ease of construction and conflicts with future projects.

The system will monitor northbound traffic and take photos of drivers who run a red light at that intersection. These drivers will see on flash from the front and two flashes from the rear.

Arizona is the worst state in the country for red light running crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Three of the four cities with the highest rates of fatal red light running crashes in the country are Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson.

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