hotel reservations--seamless?


I no longer travel for work, stopped when the pandemic hit.

Booked a hotel in Alexandria VA (Marriott franchise). $94 before taxes which imho is good. none of the travel websites had anything cheaper for same property.

Checked in at 8 AM lol with the app, room key ready.

That is a real plus to be able to do that over 3 PM EST. Only we're not there yet.

But I would have to say it seems like a seamless process, used to be a hassle trying to ask if one can check in early, even in person.

I wonder if this implies not fully booked last night, or if it were really slick, they used ChatGPT which predicted room 1217 would be leaving at 7:28 AM and the staff cleaned it immediately and then the app issued the mobile room key.

The future's here, we are it, we are on our

I used to travel for work

I used to travel for work excessively... Spent 18 months living out of suitcase before burnout - was literally in a different city/state weekly.

Either the morning of or the day before the reservation, I will call in and request a top floor room at either end of the hallway, facing away from a major road or highway. About 99% of the time the hotel folk comply.

I enjoy dealing with the hotel staff when checking in. Can ask questions, find good local eateries, etc.


everything was seamless with the stay, room key with app, checked in and out, got pdf receipts both overnight and upon checking out with app.

Now, there is no record of the trip online or in the app--current, past, or cancelled. No points awarded.

Most likely have to report a missing trip hahahahahahahahaha