Animal Emergency Hopital (Houston Area) POI


hi all,

I'm contributing a new POI that I recently worked on. Recently I had a medical emergency for my pet (her first seizure and i hope it's her last) and needless to say, most of the animal emergency in my area were new so they were not on my gps. I've created a poi for "animal emergency hospital" within the 77041 area code. I haven't had the chance to test it yet but I'm certain I created it correctly by following the FAQs on this site. I hope everyone will find this useful. Thanks everyone for downloading!

just tested it

tested and it works

interesting poi

I can see that being a useful poi for pet onwers.. I use to have a pet but now live in a apt and feel pets are not a good idea in a confind area.. ( I love dogs and cats)

maybe other may follow and add info from there area.. this is that kindof place//

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