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I have had a HP Deskjet printer for many years and a separate flatbed UMax scanner. The scanner was no longer viable because they never provided updated drivers for Windows 10, so I kept a dual boot for Windows XP on my desktop computer just so I could scan when I needed to (that was a PITA). The HP printer still worked great and did good quality duplex printing and a great job with printing photos on glossy paper. But I was getting sick of the ever increasing costs of ink cartridges. The official HP branded cartridges had gone up to $65 for the tri color and $60 for the black. With the low volume printing I do I usually had to replace the cartridges a couple times a year. If I printed photos, the color cartridge had to be replaced even more often. I tried the cheaper refill cartridges from several suppliers (about $20 each). The black cartridges were pretty good but it seemed like one color would run out on the tricolor cartridge after a month or two. Several of the refills I tried had one color missing right out of the box and had to be returned/replaced.

So I decided to give myself a Christmas present of a new all-in-one printer. After a lot of research, I selected the Canon Pixma MegaTank G7020, which has functions for duplex printing, copying, scanning and faxing. It has a automatic document feed for the copy/scan/fax functions. The best part is that it uses bottled ink tanks instead of cartridges which have at least 10 times the ink volume for about half the price of a single HP cartridge. The printer wasn't cheap ($349 at Amazon), but it will easily pay for itself in a year or two in the cost savings for ink.

I have tested all the functions and they all work well. The auto document feed for copying, scanning and faxing is great when you have multiple pages to scan. I will have to admit that the photo printing does not produce quite as vibrant of colors as the old HP printer did, but the ink cost on the HP made photo printing almost unusable anyway. My only complaint about the Canon is that it has a rather cumbersome interface on the operator control panel, but they provide good software for both Android and Windows so you normally don't need to use the operator panel on the printer except for manual faxing or copying.

I considered getting a color laser printer, but wanted the ability to print photos so decided to stick with an ink jet. So far I am happy with my choice of the Canon.

Has anyone else gone with an ink tank printer for home use? If so what did you get and how do you like it?

(Incidentally, I offered my old HP printer on Craigs list for free and got rid of it in a couple of days. I told the taker about the high ink cost, but he wanted it anyway ... said he might try refilling the cartridges himself).

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Brother printer

About 3 three years ago I got fed up feeding my ink jet printer and decided to get a simple black and white printer that uses a toner cartridge. I decided on a Brother HL-L2340D that prints single sided and duplex and that's about it - no fax, no copying. I print about a hundred pages a month and have had to replace the toner cartridge only twice after the original starter cartridge that came with the printer. It takes about a minute to replace the toner and about the same to add paper. In the time I've had the printer I've had absolutely zero problems with it. I'm like the former poster that mentioned getting photos printed at Walgreen's. We have a Walgreen's about a mile away and when we need the rare picture printed we go there. If memory serves, the prints cost about 20 cents each. Again if memory serves, three years ago I purchased the printer from Amazon for about $99. Can't go wrong.


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