Something to do while stuck at home


Now is a good time to take the family out into the yard (or up on the roof of your flat topped apartment/condo building) to see the International Space Station fly over at night.

You can D/L the ISS Detector app to your smart phone and it will alert you to the next sighting(s) in your area. It also lists future sightings as well. There are 2 scheduled for tomorrow night - Sat.April 4, 2020. Not all sightings work out as they are too low to see if you have tall trees like we do.

There will be 2 opportunities tomorrow night here on the East Coast. I saw one here about 20 minutes ago. Not the first time I've seen it by any means.

But it's something to help relieve any boredom anyone in your family might have and it might gets the kids to do a little learning.

There are also sites on the internet. Do a search for "ISS sighting schedule" (without the quotes).

Funny question asked by my neighbors wife while we were walking our dogs and saw the ISS: Why doesn't it have blinking lights like an airplane". I let her husband explain that it was up so high that it didn't need them.

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