How Long Does It Take For New Businesses To Show Up On City Navigator?


A brand new Casey's General Store opened near me today. I have been watching it, casually, the past few months while it was being built. To their credit, it already shows up on Google Maps. The question in my mind is, how long will it take for it to show up on Garmin City Navigator? Some of us just did the update on CN a matter of days ago. Considering how it seems like updates are getting less frequent, could it show up on the next update? Or, am I being way to optimistic?'s+General+Store/@44.8075108,-93.121842,15.5z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sCaseys!3m4!1s0x0:0xcebffdebd7129a46!8m2!3d44.8053215!4d-93.1057191

It should be on the next

It should be on the next Garmin update. Or the next, or the one after that, or...

Sorry to be pessimistic. It depends on how soon the GIS authority, or POI contractor reports it to Here. Here is the one that supplies the updates ro Garmin, and it's up to Garmin as to how much of the info they include, and when. There's just no telling.

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I've seen old (closed) businesses in my locale linger for years before being updated. I guess I can't recommend holding my breath on this one.

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Got a few that have been in

Got a few that have been in existence at the same location in a large city for more than 10 years...still not showing up in my 1490, 2699 or 55.

Yes, I have sent them in...but don't hold your breath!


This is why I use POI files. They are updated for frequently.

You should send this info to the maintainer of the Casey's POI file:

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over the last couple of years they have built shag homes and senior living centers where empty lots were , they built a couple of large exercise centers a new hobby lobby and so far none are on the new maps so I guess some body has to tell them after an address has been assigned to them possibly the city or post office


What phranc said.

There's a gas station nearby that has changed brands a couple times and is still shown in CN NA as the brand it was several years ago.

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I usualy look stuff up on internet

Then put in Garmin, that way I have more resources available if there is a problem. I seldom use the "Smart Phone" unless checking my security cams. Wife and I like to live in simpler times

Depends on HERE

Garmin gets it's data from HERE, a company that specializes in mapping applications.

So - the question is how often does HERE get notified of new businesses, or, of name changes on old businesses - like gas stations.

You can help. HERE has a website where one can report errors or new locations:,-85.3097,12,0...

Let's say that an update is reported. It would then have to be checked out for accuracy and entered into a database.

Garmin will want to have a database locked in and checked out as of some specific time to use in their next release - which may be several months away. Remember that Garmin is making other changes and all the various pieces must work together - so time passes.

Even though it seems simple - there are lots of moving parts. SO - don't hold your breath.

I was told to meet someone

I was told to meet someone at BearWater Brewery And went there to find it was an intersection of a state highway. I found out later that day they had moved when the intersection was rebuilt years ago.
That Time the cellphone helped immensely!

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Don't hold your breath

We've had major-chain restaurants come into town years ago and they're still not in the maps.


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Some businesses in our area

Some businesses in our area have opened, operated for years, and closed and still not made it to the map. Others that have long since closed remain.