Restricted Desert Locations.

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Last updated 07/21/2019

Raw file: RestrictedDesertLocations.csv (3.27 KB)

Includes 39 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: CA, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY

2 unusable record(s)

Ok, this POI file contains the locations of a lot of restricted areas. Most of them you won't be able to get even remotely close to. Some of them, you might. These are mostly in the desert southwest, with a few in northern California. There are plenty of photo-ops. This is mainly for "educational" and archival purposes.

Now the fun part:

If you decide to venture to any of these locations, you do so at your own risk. I will not be held responsible/liable for any damages, fines, etc incurred.

If/when you encounter a "Warning/No Trespassing" sign, stop not go past that sign. Get your photos, and get out. Some places you may encounter security personnel...others, you may not. Trust me....they know you are coming, and are monitoring you. If you encounter law enforcement, cooperate with them. 99% of the time, you will be on public land. The only thing they can do is tell you to leave. Do so.

As for the Church Of Scientology sites, they do have security cameras, along with their own "Goon Squad" Don't let them intimidate you. They can't do anything, except make empty threats. You are on a public right-of-way.

You are on your own. I recommend having a co-driver with you. Other than that, have fun...and try not to get in trouble.

I see there are a few errors.....not sure what the glitch is, but I'm trying to figure it out......any idea what the errors on 40 and 41 are? Everything was typed in correctly.