Driveluxe 50 firmware 5.70 trip planner [broken] no longer imports basecamp routes


Device: Driveluxe 50
Firmware: 5.70 (most current as of right now)

Issue: I used to be able to push a route created in basecamp/mapsource to the device. Shortly after booting it would get imported and become a navigable route.

After updating to firmware 5.70 (from 5.20) this no longer works. The device will import my way points contained within the route but not the actual route. Sure I can recreate it on the device but that's very time consuming. Not to mention, many routes contain shaping points as well which cannot easily be recreated on the unit.



... master reset should cure that, certainly not seen that issue with 5.70 on my DriveSmart 50.

Of course this assumes you also haven't updated BaseCamp to 4.7 as there are numerous issues with that, so much so that I'm still on 4.6.2

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Master reset done several

Master reset done several times.

Original route was created in mapsource, but after that failed to import I recreated in basecamp with same results.

For testing purposes, tried a single route with just a start and end point, a few blocks long. Same result.

It seems after the reset it no longer imports the waypoints either now. Unit has about 500MB of free space after all updates were applied.

Basecamp is pushing the route via the gpxtemp.gpx file. Tried duplicating it to garmintemp.gpx, garmingpxtemp.gpx, etc. No go. I'm not sure what else to try other than replacing the unit.

Well ...

If you suspect the software update on your particular device it would be worth reverting to an earlier firmware that you know did work, in your case that appears to be 5.20

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Firmware downgrade didn't

Firmware downgrade didn't help. I even went down to the original firmware (from v2.80. Still nothing.

Such an odd issue to have. The unit appears to function in all other aspects. Routes to selected destinations, trip planner allows for manual route creation. It just doesn't recognize the temp.gpx (in gpx folder), whether created by basecamp or mapsource.

Even downgraded to basecamp 4.6.2 with identical results.

The unit is barely used, barely 2 years old. Previous garmin units lasted 5+ years before I upgraded to something else. They were still in working order when sold.

Wow ...

... that's weird, so reverting suggests it's not the software update, which isn't surprising as it works fine on mine still, and it's not BaseCamp and a master reset didn't help. Not sure what else to suggest.

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Trip Planner.

Are you sure you are looking for the route in the Trip Planner app? After transfer, when you plug your device back in to BaseCamp, does the transferred route show up when you click on the device in BaseCamp?

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@alandb Yes, trip planner


Yes, trip planner app. No routes app on this thing unfortunately. I've been around the garmin block for a good decade now and am quite familiar with making routes and importing them. Our last roadtrip was back in oct '17. Everything worked properly back then as far as importing. The only changes are the firmware, map update, and some other files (possibly other parts of the firwmare) that garminexpress updated.

The transferred route does show up in basecamp under the device. I believe all it's doing is reading the temp.gpx or other .gpx files in the gpx folder.

Last device I had with routes function was a 14xx series nuvi. Manual import never failed there smile

If it's a hardware failure one would expect other things to be broken or act up.

I found an old backup of the system files. Restored those (including the hidden .system). This didn't help. I'm guessing some of the firmware (like bt drivers and other drivers) can only be updated with an actual update file, which is not present in the original .system.

Might be tempted to get an extended warranty on the next one I buy.

Borrowed a driveluxe 50 from

Borrowed a driveluxe 50 from a friend. Same gpx file imported just fine on this unit (albeit slight map mismatch - routes originally created with 2019.11, his updated to 2019.20 - distances appear to match so I'm hoping it'll be fine).

I'm not sure what to make of it. Either there's some hidden setting that's preventing importing or something is corrupted. If this were a cell phone the next step would be restoring the factory image. This fix has resolved weird and bizarre cell phone issues for me in the past. I don't believe garmin even offers something like that for their products?

I'll mess with it more after we get back.

Well ...

A master reset is meant to put everything back to its out of the box state. Certainly something strange going on with your unit sad

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A Possibility?

I'm by no means an expert in this area so this may not be possible but I thought it worth mentioning.

Since you have a borrowed unit that works, make a copy of all its accessible system files and use them to replace their counterparts in your defective unit. You might get lucky and replace a corrupted file.

Do a complete backup of your unit first just in case.

@sussamb My understanding is

@sussamb My understanding is that a master reset wipes all user data. This is the function obtained by holding down the bottom right corner while at the copyright notice from a fully off state. Device then asks if one wants to wipe all user data. Yes, this was performed.

Also, there's another reset on the hidden developer menu (long press speedometer). Did that one too. But again, I believe this doesn't actually restore any firmware components from a read only memory.

Did you have a different master reset in mind? In the cellphone analogy, there's a number of other firmware partitions (android) aside from the actual operating 'system' files. Partitions such as the bootloader/kernel/modem/radio/wifi/trustedzone/BT/and a bunch of others I can't think of off hand. I'm not sure what the underlying OS for the garmin units is (probably their own), but I suspect there are similar counterparts. If you notice, some updates include .zip or .bin files.

The idea is the device is placed into a low level recovery mode and all appropriate components are pushed to it. That would be a true out of box state.

@bdhsfz6 I tried that. I made a backup of all files (inc /.system) when I first got it. They all copied back to the gps ok but the issue continued.


You've already done the master reset and that's the best you can do, there isn't another way I know of. As I said, it's very strange.

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Many units have limits on the amount of data types they can store and organize. Is there the possibility you have reached the limit on the number of trips that can be stored? If this is the case the solution is simple; get rid of old trips by deleting them from the unit.

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Call Garmin

Since the Drivelux 50 isn't that old, I would call Garmin tech support. This could be a known issue they can help fix.

It is also possible they could offer to send you a replacement at little or no cost. Its worth a try anyway.

I don't think it's a memory

I don't think it's a memory issue. The unit has been reset/wiped multiple times.

Garmin support wanted my gpx file to test on one of their devices. This doesn't offer much help as the same gpx file imports and works fine on my friend's driveluxe 50. This leaves only the repair option since the pnd is out of warranty.

I haven't yet decided what to do. Tempting to pick up the driveluxe 51 but it appears to be sold out everywhere at the moment.