Attackers Spread Malware Via Fake Meltdown/Spectre Patches


The Meltdown/Spectre saga is not over yet, at least not until everyone has patched both their operating system as well as their BIOS firmware. However, we’re already starting to see attackers try to take advantage of this situation by publishing fake patches that contain malware.
Meltdown/Spectre Patch In Disguise

Phishing has become an increasingly lucrative tool for attackers lately. The attackers can get the victims to bypass operating system security protections on their behalf and install the malware on their machines. According to German authorities, some malicious hackers have been sending Germans emails titled “Critical vulnerability - important update,” or similar, in order to get the victims to install their malware.

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This is why it's imperative to download stuffs from official original websites, such as Intel and Microsoft.

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