The 50+ best features in iOS 11


With new apps like Files, a desktop-like Dock and countless smaller tweaks and advances, Apple's new mobile OS offers plenty of enhancements.

Since this is a fourm about GPS's here's the section about MAPS

Mightier Maps

Maps continues to improve, with features such as the introduction of new AR-like city flyover views. These use your iOS device’s camera and sensors to track your position and move you around 3D representations of key cities, such as London or New York. To explore these views, search for a major city and look for a Flyover button. Tap this to access the view. (Not every city is supported, so if the city you chose doesn’t have the button, keep trying.)

It’s an engaging feature that offers more potential as additional cities are added, but Apple has also worked hard to make Maps more effective for getting quickly from point A to point B. iOS 11 offers indoor maps for shopping malls, for instance, as well as airports and transit hubs. It also includes these key items:

  • A Do Not Disturb When Driving feature designed to keep you from getting distracted by incoming Notifications while behind the wheel.
  • A new Lane Guidance feature that shows you the correct highway lane to be in to make the turns you need to stay on course.
  • A speed limit display in Maps, beginning with those posted for U.S. roads.
  • A new “Light Guidance” mode that provides a bird’s-eye view so you can better scout out the journey ahead when using Maps for travel instructions.
  • A new way to access zoom mode: Just double tap a Map and, while keeping your finger pressed into the display, move your finger up and down to zoom in and out.

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    Apple's maps is cool!

    I prefer it over Google Maps. The only issue I find in Maps is the lack of exit numbers for freeway interchanges.


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    I'll absolutely try Apple

    I'll absolutely try Apple Maps again for iOS 11. But I've always preferred Google maps because Apple has led me to the wrong location before when inputting POI.