Royal Free, DeepMind Patient Data Sharing Deal Violated UK's Data Protection Law


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which is the Data Protection Authority in the UK, ruled that the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust failed to comply with UK’s Data Protection Act. According to the ICO, Royal Free gave DeepMind access to the data of 1.6 million patients without fully disclosing to them how it would be used.

Note: DeepMind was purchased by Google in 2014.

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When your "personal

When your "personal information" started being stored on electronic devices, it was no longer "private".

If companies see a way to make a profit from the data they've collected you can bet they will have a programmer sift it down for selling. Whether that programmer removes all "identifying" data is a point of contention with the so-called privacy watchdogs.

Even if you sign something saying you do not want your data shared, it probably will not really matter. It's just a "warm-fuzzy" to make you feel good, like you have some control - NOT!

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