LastPass Authenticator Now Easier To Use With Cloud Backup Feature


LastPass announced a new cloud backup feature for its LastPass Authenticator (not to be confused with the LastPass Password Manager), which should remove some of the hassle of changing or resetting phones for its users.
Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication seems to be gaining steam lately as more companies experience data breaches. Two-factor authentications come in multiple forms, such as an SMS code (not recommended anymore), Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) code, or a public key paired with a private key inside a hardware token.

Attackers can’t access your account when a second-factor protects it, even if they have your password. It’s usually significantly harder to gain your second-factor code than it is to get your password. They can gain the passwords in bulk in a data breach, whereas to gain your second-factor code, they need to hack you, specifically. Plus, they still need your password, too, to be able to enter your account.

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