USB Power Strips


I am in the market for a couple of power strips with USB ports. What are some with the greatest number of AC outlets and USB ports? I have seen the one from Monoprice, which is 12 AC outlets and 2 USB ports.

I have also seen one from Anker that is only 6 AC outlets, but has 4 USB ports. Does anybody happen to know if there are any that have 12 AC outlets and 4, or more, USB ports?

I might even be inclined to get a tower design, like the Safemore power strip. It does have 14 outlets and 4 USB ports.

Are they all created equally? I suspect that they are not. If possible, I would like to stay under $30.

I would be concerned more

I would be concerned more about what is connected to the AC outlets as power strips are easy to overload. As to the USB portion, look for ones compatible with USB 3.x as they are also compatible with devices still using USB 1 and 2. I'm using an Anker 6 port USB3 with 3 additional charging ports for a total of 9 ports. The charging ports do not connect for data transfer but remain powered with the PC off. The one I'm looking for now will include Qualcomm Quick-Charge 2 or later as I now have quick charge devices. QC ports have at least a 9VDC output level and some go to 12VDC. It's the higher voltage, not current that triggers the quick charge circuitry. My phone will charge with a normal 5VDC output, but it is extremely slow.

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I had an

Anker USB adapter go bad, and thought no sweat lemme get a new one under the lifetime warranty. Come to find it was not lifetime and I had to buy a new one. I chose another vendor. I don't see how a power supply wears out, meaning heck I have a 2008 ThinkPad with the original adapter, and have never had any adapter that I can think of fail....

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