Spreading Malware Through Dropped USB Sticks Could Be Highly Effective, Research Finds


by Lucian Armasu August 4, 2016 at 1:20 PM - Source: Elie Bursztein

Elie Bursztein of Google’s anti-abuse research team tested how effective spreading malware would be through “lost” USB sticks on a university’s campus. He found that 98 percent of the 297 dropped usb sticks were picked up by people, and of those who found them almost half (45 percent) of them clicked on the stored files inside the USB sticks.

Most operating systems, with the exception of Qubes OS, don’t isolate the USB drives from the rest of the system by default. Therefore, if there is malware on them, it could infect the systems either through user action (by clicking on the files) or even through inaction through various firmware vulnerabilities.


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