Which AC Wall Adapter / Charger & USB Cable Should be Used for Garmin GPS Devices?

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For the safety of your device(s) and yours, always use the ones from Garmin, such as "AC Adapter Cable Kit" (Part Number: 010-11478-02 [for US]).

You can also get it from Amazon for a little cheaper.

As for the cable...

Falcon9 wrote:

The device does not know if you have a 1A, 2A or 5A power source behind it. The device will only go into full power if paired with a special plug. This signaling is accomplished using the 5th pin in the USB-B connector.

Unfortunately, the 5th pin on a common cable does not leave the connector so you can't really configure it. Garmin adapter has it configured within the molded plug.

See http://www.poi-factory.com/node/46164 for further discussion.