Native mapping software for Mac (or PC) with easy POI loading


I switched to a smaller rig and gave up my Datastorm antenna which had given me internet access and campground info anywhere, anytime. I mostly do dispersal camping and rarely know when and where I’m going next and rarely have internet access. To duplicate that anytime/anywhere internet access, I now needed mapping software on my computer which would let me load POI's easily. Checked out Galileo, Gaia, and others for my MacBook but they were not what I was looking for (did not meet the KISS principle).
Wanted to share my “duh” solution – Google Earth (and Pro is now free). Loading POI’s (.gpx format) into GE is a one-step process (file menu, “open” - when quit GE will ask if you want to save to “my places”). Awesome. I now have, on my laptop, the most detailed map available with “my places” for every public ( and private campground, rest stop, fuel stop, Walmart, casino, free campsite, etc.
Thanks to this site for the great POI lists.
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