(Florida) Two more cities turn off red light cameras (Kenneth City, Oldsmar)


Oldsmar and Kenneth City added to the list of cameras being removed in Pinellas County. Only a couple of Clearwater cameras are still operational.


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Good news

This is good news!


New Port Richey will never turn off their cameras! They are way too greedy. They get a large amount of their money from Rt 19 and traffic tickets. I have neve seen so many different types of police vehicles as the ones on that road. The speed limit is 45mph and late at night (after 12am) they just wait all over the place to catch drivers going over it. One of their favorite games is to come up fast behind a driver and scare them into stepping on the gas so as not to be hit. As soon as you do, they turn on their lights and stop you for speeding.

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things!