Lost my Windmill


It has been several months since I have been on the site. Showed up today to get the latest red light and speed cams. In this update process I decided to visit Garmin and download Bert and Ernie voice pack. Voices installed but didn't find the vehicle pack. Any Ideas??

BTW ... the latest map and related updates all installed on both units with no errors. I see that GE was updated as well. I used it for the updates.

I sent an email to Garmin, but they take several days for an answer, not that it really matters in this case, but ....


Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)

RLC files

Um.... Did you look under your bed for it? I know thAt the first place I look for things I've lost or misplaced! rolleyes

Honestly as I understand it, to get the files two things must be true.

1). You are a member of the site

2). You need to post a minimum of three (3) times within a five (5) week period. This means 1 post each week for three weeks out of five weeks. Posting 3 times in one week doesn't jet it. Its about continued active partipation across time.

Then you are eligible to gain access and subsequently download the respective safety camera files.

Once you get the windmill, then just maintaining the windmill by posting once a week will, in theory, will continue to give you access to the saftey camera files ... For the useful life of the site, the useful life of your GPS, or until the COW jumps over the moon.

Of course, there may be a way to donate copious quantities of financial resource along with your first born to acquire immediate access to the files. razz

I'm sure one of the others here will come along soon and clean up the mess I've made of this!

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