Tomtom not showning up under devices


Tomtom plugged in and starts mydrve. I am trying to add poi's.. I don't see the tomtom under devices with removable storage.

Mike TOMTOM XL335 and VIA 1535

tomtom, mydrive

You have to use the "add community content" link on the mydrive icon
mydrive loads the gps as a http server and opens a web page with multiple upload links
It is a stupid retrograde step
Home was much better

there is some issues with copyright on the code used in Home to access as a drive

If only ..

Didn't see it

I clicked on the icon in the toolbar. I didn't see add community content. I am at work now. When I get home I will write down what is there.

Mike TOMTOM XL335 and VIA 1535

Reload Program

You may have to reload the program. I had a similar problem and reloading the program fixed the communication between the GPS and computer.