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i used my C340 for the first long trip i made since i purchased it i.e. about 2 month ago. i was driving from Queens, NY to Poconos in Pennsylvania. i had set my C340 to avoid toll roads and it took me via I-380 to I-80 and further into Pennsylvania. i was impressed!!!
however while coming back it behaved crazy; it chose a route which was 600+ miles, taking me across couple of states sad
luckily i realized within the first 3 miles and i used the right bottom corner to check the next turns and it was taking me for an interstate toss.
well anyways, i went to the avoidances section and turned off the toll roads and i was fine.
also two more thing i noted, when C340 took this crazy route it was
1) stuck at "Calculating 85%" for a couple of seconds
2) didnt show me the arrival time to destination
these 2 things are what made me suspicious that something was fishy.
did anybody else observe this strange behavior?
the downside was that since i had enabled toll roads it took me though Tri-borough bridge toll, which i could have avoided sad
- milind

Experienced similar problem on Nuvi 350


I experienced what you went through on my Nuvi 350. I posted similar questions to what you had. But I never really got a definitive answer. I was told that it may have trouble acquiring a satellite signal. I emailed Garmin, but the best I got from them is to power off and then power on the GPS or do a reset.

toll roads

You know, for stuff like the toll roads, I wish it would do additional recalculation in the background. Kinda like the airline search engines that offers alternative airports at cheaper price.

Would be nice if the GPS would offer shorter distance for going thur toll. Or slightly longer distance for avoiding the toll.

I find my GPS sometimes goes

I find my GPS sometimes goes crazy with this too and tries to take me complete opposite way going to and from a location. SOmetimes you just have to ignore it and let it recalculate.

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