Maps.Me is now Free


I don't know if this app is good/bad. It used to be a paid app but now it is free. If anyone uses this app, please comment.



no thanks

I had tested a number of Android GPS programs, including the free version of To be honest, I didn't remember why I moved on from that version to other apps, but when I saw you post I tried the now free "Pro" version.

It works. I could download maps (by state) and I could follow where I was on the map with GPS. But that's about all that I can say for it. The options seem to be limited to letting the user select between kilometers and miles. The map is always "north up" rather than tracking direction of travel and there isn't even a line on the map showing where you have traveled (aka Track Log or Breadcrumbs). Not sure what the map source is. So while it does work, it is very unimpressive. I've uninstalled it and will continue to use two other free apps that I find much nicer.

My first choice for free off-line GPS apps on Android is MapFactor Navigator. ( ). It uses the free Open Street Maps and is much more feature rich than There is a also a paid version. As far as I know the only difference in the paid version is that you can buy TomTom maps for it rather than using free Open Street Maps data. I don't want to buy the TomTom maps, so I have not investigated that further.

Another very nice app that I keep on all of my Android devices is AndroiTS GPS test ( ). It has several handy information screens, but also serves well as a GPS application. I particularly like to use this app in pedometer mode when walking or hiking. There is a paid version called AndroiTS GPS Test Pro for $2.73, I'm not sure if it is any different than the free version, or if buying the Pro version is just a way to make a donation. The author's website just says "coming soon" so that is no help in learning the difference. If anyone is familiar with this app and knows the differences between the free and paid versions, please join this thread.

Several "pre-paid no contract" Android cell phones have shown up in the past few weeks for prices as low as $10. If you forget about buying air time that expires in 30 days and just use them as Android devices, they can make great inexpensive hand held GPS receivers on the cheap using the above free software and downloading the maps over wifi.

Tried it....

I snagged this when it was free once before. I had it on my phone when I was in Mexico recently but failed to use it. D'Oh! Since I didn't actually use it while in a place it could have (maybe) been useful, I can't really say if it was valuable or not. I can say that looking at a map on a screen the size of a phone is somewhat limited even though I do have a reasonably large phone screen.

Thanks for the heads up, though. If even one person got it and found it useful even one time then it was well worth the notification.

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for the info, I will check it out

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Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know about the free app.

I got some free time to test

I got some free time to test I have to say I'm not impressed. I search for Popeye's Chicken and Biscuit restaurant and it gives me a couple of locations, 300+ miles from my current location. There are several Popeye's fast food in my neighborhood.

MotionX GPS Drive

Hello I have been using MotionX GPS Drive Iphone GPS app for a few years. I think the app is .99 cents and $9.99 a year for voice over streets.

I believe they only make this app for the iphone (IOS). Check it out.

Thanks for the information Im downloading a few states near me and will check it out.

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Some companys have used this

Some companys have used this marketing model very successfully.

Same here

bill2125 wrote:

for the info, I will check it out

Worth looking into.

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Not a bad app

It's free

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love it more that it's free!

Just stumbled on the free on PlayGoogle

It said you can import your custom maps to it.
Has anyone tried to import them?
It uses KML/KMZ files.

EDIT: Never mind. After I downloaded it I looked at the web site, I should always look their first.... Everything is free and it is based in the Netherlands. A red flag for me. Just to be on the safe side I deleted it. I am now doing a scan from Norton.

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