POI converter


Good afternoon,

i need a converter for MAC:

cvs to ov2 (TomTom).

what can you recommend?




I'd try GPSbabel which can be downloaded from:


MAC, PC, and Linux versions are available there.

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thank you, but I can not

thank you, but I can not make it.
What should I enter as the input file format? I have a GPX file. I get this message:

gpsbabel -w -i gpx -f /Users/Mydamon/Downloads/Elk.gpx -o tomtom -F elks
TomTom cannot open 'elks' for write. Error was 'Read-only file system'.

Fehler beim Aufruf von gpsbabel: Prozess endete mit code 1

What did you download?

what did you download?

Not having a Mac, I can not do a comparison check but I did note that the Mac version had stipulations as to what it would run on. Did your Mac fit the requirements?

Another Possibility

I assume that you can - using your Mac, access http://www.poieditor.com/poi_convert/garmin-csv-to-ov2/

If so then it looks like what you want can be done online. I tried the conversion with the Tim Horton's file and it did a conversion but I have no way to verify it was correct.

By the way, why did you try to convert a gpx file with GPSBabel?