GTM 21 power cord


My GTM 20 cable cord busted on me so I threw it out and bought a GTM 21 cord that's suppose to be compatible with my unit. Can anyone tell me if it's compatible? Whenever I plug it in to my lighter then to my unit it says "Accessory needs external power".

How do I register this cord that I bought on Ebay from someone in China? Any help appreciated!

Bad news

I hate to give you the bad news so I'll start with the good:

The GTM 21 is compatible with your 765T

The bad (if you're in North America): it offers traffic only in Europe.

You need the GTM 20 for North American traffic or the vehicle power cable if you don't need Traffic. Both will power the nuvi. If buying a GTM 20, be sure to get one that comes with lifetime traffic. Otherwise you may need to pay more to subscribe to traffic.

I am surprised that it sounds like your error message refers to power being needed. Does the GTM 21 cable power your nuvi? I hope so.

Regarding registration, I was able to register my GTM traffic cable (also from eBay) on the myGarmin web site when logged in to my account. Hopefully myGarmin or Garmin Express will still do this. I can't confirm it since I registered mine several years ago.