Mobile phone volume setting being hijacked by Nuvi 370.


I hope someone cleverer than me has been having a similar problem and has been able to fix it.

My Nuvi 370 is paired with my Nokia 9300 communicator through Bluetooth and connects perfectly every time.

The only problem is that every time the Nuvi disconnects I find the volume setting on the phone has been set to 1/4 of it's range.
Someone calls, I have to ask them to hang on, adjust the volume to full and then continue the discussion.

The next time the Nuvi connects it is the same thing all over again.
While not a total train smash on the cosmiversal scale it is quite irritating.

If anyone has a solution or experienced similar with their GPS and mobile handset it would be great to share info.


Nuvi 715 (Sucks), Nuvi 670 (dead)& Garmin GPS 72. South African living Dubai, United Arab Emirates.