Choice of Multiple Routes


One feature that I like on my built-in GPS (Lincoln) is the ability to choose from multiple routes. I don't like a lot of features--like not being able to use a large computer screen to program the route and transfer it to the GPS.

Using a computer to pre-program a Garmin, is there a way to show multiple routes? I don't mean plugging in a bunch of different waypoints. Put in start, enter end and have the program show different routes with time/distance shown for different choices. Of course I would like it to be transferable to the Nuvi.

I hope I have expressed this right. On re-reading it I'm not sure I have.

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Multiple Routes

I have never done this on Basecamp but do it often on the Nuvi itself.
If you select your destination by "Go To" it brings up a screen Showing that location and a bar under it with "Routes,i,Go". Selecting "Routes" will usually show a map with Fastest, Shorted, and Least fuel, though the latter only shows very infrequently on my Nuvi. Then just pick the one you want.

Prompted choice available on 3790

My 3790 LMT offers four options for route style.

1. fastest
2. shortest
3. least fuel
4. prompted

If you select the setup option of "prompted", then for most of the ways you request a route calculation, you'll see a screen which shows (eventually) a map contrasting the three selections, and arrows to the left allowing you to view the estimated distance and time of arrival for each. The ETA does not update while displayed, so you need to use the arrows to move quickly from one to another after all three have finished calculating to get a valid comparison.

Even with "prompted" selected, not all ways of requesting routing show you the 3-way option. For example, I just did voice command to an address, for which it got a perfect match and computed a route without asking my preference. In that case, if I want to see the choices, I just cancel navigation, and do a new "where to" picking the destination off the top of the recently found list.

I realize the original poster was not asking about routing on the Nuvi itself, but it took me a while to find and figure out the prompted option on my 3790 LMT, so I thought I'd add these observations here in case others might be helped.

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Multiple routes

virtually lost wrote:

...Put in start, enter end and have the program show different routes with time/distance shown for different choices...

Google Maps does that on the PC. Enter your start location and destination. It will figure the best route and also some alternates. Each is labeled with the driving time.

How you would export the routes to the Lincoln GPS is unknown.

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Choices on Nuvi 3590LM

My 3590LM gives three choices same as your first three, but as far as I can tell no Prompting choice.

I have a 2014 Honda CRV with nav package, and the GPS also offers 3 routing options.

There is voice prompting for the Garmin and the Honda. I compared the two for a short trip from which I returned last night. I chose to listen to the Garmin and kept it zoomed in, to mute the Honda, and kept it zoomed out further to view general area of travel.

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