How to find and download Garmin's Large Junction View file.

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NOTE - Map Update 2015.30 was the last update where Garmin made the Large JCV file available for download using the procedures detailed below. This FAQ will be updated when and if Garmin again makes the large file available for download.

The large JCV name and file location has followed a pretty simple naming convention for a number of updates now so it is easy to establish where to find it. As an example, the large JCV file for the 2015.10 map update can be downloaded from:

The keys to finding the large file are in 2 fields of the above URL. The first field is the map version number (2015.10 in this case) and the second field is the file name for the large JCV file (the 9 character.JCV name at the end of the link).

To find the large JCV file for the previous 2014.40 map update you would replace 2015_10 with 2014_40 and the file number D3060140A.JCV with the same number except that the 2 digits to the left of the A would be ten numbers less (30A instead of 40A).

If Garmin doesn't change the location and file naming convention in the future, the large JCV file for:

2015.20 - will be found at

2015.30 - will be found at

2015.40 - will be found at

So the key to getting this file is to replace the map update version number with the number that matches the version of the maps you have downloaded and to add 10 to the 2 digits to the left of the A in the file name.

To find the file for a previous map update, again you'd change the map version number and instead of adding 10 to the last 2 digits of the file name you'd need to make the number 10 less, for example:

2014.40 was

2014.30 was

2014.20 was

As long as you know where to download one large JCV file you can now establish where to get any previous or future version.