Which devices have built-in School Zone alerts?


Which devices have built-in School Zone alerts?

As of 8/28/2014, the following devices have built in School Zone alerts

nuvi 55, 56, 65, 66
nuvi 2447, 2448, 2457, 2467, 2468, 2497, 2498
nuvi 2547, 2557, 2567, 2568, 2577, 2597, 2598
nuvi 2757, 2797, 2798
nuvi 3587, 3597, 3598

Note that these devices are not able to disable the school zone alerts.

This is a new feature for Garmin nuvis and, as such, there may be times a School Zone alert will display on your device even when it is not during school zone hours.

You will see an orange indicator and it will appear:

1. During posted school zone hours, if those hours are known to the device (that is, included in the map data),
2. On weekdays between 7am-5pm, if specific school zone hours are NOT known to the device (that is, NOT included in the map data)

Currently, not all school zone hours are listed for known school zones. Also, not all school zones are included. Garmin has started with school zones in major cities.

Note that this data is a part of the "map" - just like the built-in POIs are part of the map. There is not a separate POI file from Garmin.

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