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I do not post much, if hardly at all, but I wanted to take a moment to thank the people behind the scenes here for keeping the POI Factory website running, as well as, all the folks that contribute in the discussion forums. You all have been a great resource over the years for keeping my Garmin Nuvi's up to date and running well!!!

Thank you,



Couldn't agree more.

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Tgrds wrote:


Thank you,


And, thank you for letting the factory members know that you have been helped.


I Agree

The help we get on this site is priceless and I am so pleased that I found it. Every problem I've asked for assistance with has been satisfactorily resolved. Thanks POI-Factory.


For sure

It's surprising how reading the manual leaves you with more questions than answers. Glad you all are here!

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A wealth of knowledge here !

In a few days I will begin my second year here... a daily read and received more knowledge than I have given...looking forward to a new year!

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