Memorial Day weekend - please drive carefully


There will be a lot of vehicles on the highways this Memorial Day weekend (5/25-27), because many folks have Monday off as well as the weekend.

Those of you who have the traffic feature will be in a better position to avoid crowded traffic areas. Here's where these units pay for themselves. I couldn't afford one this time. Maybe next time.

Drive safely!

Gotta travel on ... with my nuvi 2450LM.

The traffic feature was well

The traffic feature was well worth it. I love mine. Safe Travels!

Traffic on GPS

Of course I agree on the safety reminder. The benefits of traffic notification on Garmin units at least (to which I pay attention) are controversial for owners as can be seen on reviews. Some people who have it feel it's worth it, and others who have it disagree. Benefits include the obvious ability to avoid possibly lengthy traffic delays; the drawbacks have to do with timeliness and accuracy of data with some people reporting detours for traffic problems that cleared up an hour ago and other incidents when warnings came too late to be helpful. I recently bought a new Garmin and chose not to go with traffic. Your mileage and choices may vary.

If you do choose to get a new GPS with traffic features, understand the trade-off between the more expensive GPS units that have free lifetime traffic with no advertising and the less expensive units which have free lifetime traffic but come with streaming ads on the display that can't be disabled and are beginning to increasingly appear even when traffic notification is turned off. Make sure you get one that has the feature and price point you want when it comes to ads.

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Can't believe it's memorial day already >>>


"You can't get there from here"

Or use your smartphone for holiday weekends

Not trying to start another smartphone vs dedicated GPS argument, but I wonder, given the questionable timeliness of GPS traffic information, might it be wiser to go for a GPS without traffic, and use your smartphone (Google Maps)for those times when high traffic volume is expected, as on holiday weekends.


Be safe

Great Rerminder

I think it's nice that you are taking the time to remind people to be safe. This is one of the more dangerous holidays, and it would be nice if everyone drove a little more cautiously.

My GPS with a lifetime traffic subscription led me into a traffic jam this weekend. It alerted me of a 7 minute delay after it was too late to do anything else.

Another great reminder:

This Holiday Weekend, Watch for Motorcyclists.

We will be everywhere.

Look Twice. Save A Life.


it's the dog's fault

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Time flies . . .

another Memorial Day and Summer on the horizon!

Have a Safe One. Going

Have a Safe One.
Going anywhere is a problem on major roads because of traffic.

I go backroads with my GPS. An excuse admittedly.
Have fun.



This could explain why I saw so many cops on the Turnpike today, although it does seem a bit early in the week.

Thanks for the reminder!

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Most of all, remember those who sacrificed their lives for us.

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Amen on being careful

Being the first holiday of the summer, you must be careful while driving. A lot of people will not see Tuesday as a result of the Memorial Day weekend. Rule #1: Wear your seatbelt. Rule #2: Don't text and drive. Everyone be safe out there.

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Buckle up

Be safe and keep to the speed limit

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