POIs on Nuvi 2495


I previously owned a Nuvi 215 and had no difficulties with a large list of POIs. Now with the "New" 2495 all I have is cameras. What gives. I must say that the South African version of software far exceeds that you supply.

Very disappointed

One minute I am told to download v 2013.4 and then with Express my maps are up to date.What gives?

DLP Nuvi 2495LT


@Phillips110, we are going to need a bit more information to help you when you say that your old 215 had a large list of POIs and your new 2495 has only cameras.

Have you downloaded any POI files (say from poi-factory) and used POI Loader to add custom POIs to your unit?

Or, are you dealing with built-in POIs (see page 9 of your manual) of which there should be some nine million if the advertisements are correct.

Garmin Express

This program has given users a myriad of issues. Some report no issues and yet others report constant problems. Use map updater to get maps.

And we need more clarification as to what you want/need.

Nuvi 2460LMT.