Chit Chat Thread for the week of June 4, 2012


This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


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A good week to you all....

Have a great one. Great weather here in SF Bay Area.

Wow!!! First time as number one. Lucky me.

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Have a

Good one

1490LMT 1450LMT 295w

never been up this early

on a Monday before ...


it's the dog's fault

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great week all

Have a Great Week all!

Are we there yet?

Have a good week...

In Orlando and it is getting hot

Goo morning to all.

Goo morning to all.

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I hope all have a fantastic and safe week.




The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe(')


Kitchen or bathroom? Which is more important?

Back on time this week

I'm on time this week. Everyone have a good safe week

Bummer weather here

It's been raining all week. We do need it though.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

Stay Safe

With summer officially underway......Ya'll Travel Safe!!

Hope everyone has a great week.

Have a Great Week

Have a great week and stay safe.


Have a good week!

Time to get to work!!!


Hi All

Nuvi 760

I need to plan a vacation.

I need to plan a vacation.

John B - Garmin 765T

Have a great week

Beautiful morning in Sedona.

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Michigan weather is about perfect for this time of year.

NW Wet

The Pacific Northwest is a bit wet today.
So what is new?
This is still June.

Later than Usual

Just got in from cutting the grass, have them comming to take out two trees and four stumps/ at 11:30 today. Have a nice week all smile

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

Hard to start work week

After beautiful weather this weekend in MD once the storms rolled thru on Friday night

Have a Great Week!

Last weeks short week for me didn't see my work load decreased at all. Hopefully, I'll catch up this week. Keep those windmills turning!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled forum - already in progress . . .

Too cool

Spent all Memorial weekend opening up my pool. 90+ degrees. It immediately cooled off and I have yet to be able to swim (water currently 78 degrees, my threshold is 86.)

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

have a

great week everyone,stay safe. wink

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Rain and Early Spring weather

Since we kind of skipped spring, we finally get to enjoy some early spring like weather



Have A Great Week Everyone

The weather forcast looks good for the whole week

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Happy week...

Y'all...only 5 full moons now 'till Christmas exclaim mrgreen

Nuvi 660

A new triple crown horse?

I will be watching the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, 9 JUN 2012 with the hope of seeing the first triple crown winner since AFFIRMED.

Go "I'll have another" Yea!!!!

I have seen the future and it is now!

Just finished a great

Just finished a great weekend and already looking forward to next weekend.

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Have a great week, all

Have a great week, all

Happy Monday to All

.... Made page 1 this time...

Randy C530, Nuvi 52

Another month gone by so fast.

And the heat is just starting.

Hi, y'all

Hoping all have a good week!

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Would really like

my voice back.
I can't believe I caught a cold in June!
*shuffles back to the couch and her box of tissues*

I hear you

I'm fighting one too. What's the deal with that!



Great week everyone


Nuvi 2595LMT

Tailgaters In Edmonton

Just got back from a simple trip to the east end of Millwoods here in Edmonton. I entered the Whitemud Fwy at the Southgate on ramp. The guy behind me was so close that I couldn't even see his grill just his hood. I put on my flashers which was probable the first mistake. He almost ran me off the road trying to merge with traffic. Fingers were swapped and he was off. I exited at the next exit! Crap! Living in a boom town economy sucks. Everyone is in such a hurry they will run you over if you do the speed limit and even if you push it there is always someone in your trunk. Time to move out of here!!!!

Perhaps the next Garmins should include a dash camera!!


Robert Woodcock

Have a

great, safe, week everybody! Stay healthy!



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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Have a good Day

I'm on vacation on Texas. Used by spare 760 in my rental, and was disappointed when I discovered the battery was dead. Must have switched on during the plan flight.

Another great day.

Another great day.

Y'all have a great week , y'hear !

First leg of month long trip complete - 525 miles today - Nuvi 1490 performed flawlessly on Route I had inputted. Home, 1 via to eat breakfast, 1 via to get gas (lowest on I-95 in SC as found by Gas Buddy) and into our motel.
Tomorrow is easy day - only 340 miles and culminating in a GREAT Japanese dinner at a favorite POI of ours.

Hope Everyone has a safe & fun week !

BTW - all Rest Areas alerted properly !

MrKenFL- "Money can't buy you happiness .. But it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery." NUVI 260, Nuvi 1490LMT & Nuvi 2595LMT all with 2014.4 maps !

have a great week

Have a great week, grin

Garmin nuvi,750

Everybody have a great

Everybody have a great week.
Get well soon GlobeTurtle.

All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players. Rush

Have a good week

Nice weather here today. Have a good week.

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Packing up at work for a move to a new office next week. On vacation next week, so I won't have to move all those heavy boxes. Yeaaaa!!!


At least here in central Iowa we actually had a spring this year. It usually goes from too cold to too hot in just a couple of weeks time. This year has been awesome.

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