Know it was mentioned before


but I can't find it. Where can I see a list of the new POI files that have been recently added?
PS Is there a program like Garmin loader for tomtom?

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A couple options

This may be what you remember.

New in the last 7 days

Five most recent (bottom of the page)

And to determine if your favorite files have been updated (or the latest update date for each)

Sorry, I'm clueless on TTs.


navycop wrote:

PS Is there a program like Garmin loader for tomtom?

I don't believe so. What were you hoping to accomplish?

If I understand your question . . .

navycop wrote:

Is there a program like Garmin loader for tomtom?

I am not familiar with Garmin Loader, so I may not be answering your actual question. If so, my apologies in advance.

Assuming that you are asking about loading POI files onto a TomTom GPS, the answer is that there are two free tools provided by TomTom that are dedicated to that purpose. Which one you need depends upon the TomTom model you are using. The older models of TomTom use a program called HOME2. It actually has several functions, but loading the .ov2 POI files onto your GPS is one of those functions.

(FWIW, with the older units no special program is required for this purpose, as the GPS appears to your computer as just another drive, and you can use any file normal manager to transfer the POI files - as long as you know where they should go. HOME2 just makes it possible to do this without any detailed knowledge of where the files should be stored.)

With the newer models, you will have to use a program called MyTomTom that is provided for free by TomTom. Thanks to a lawsuit by Microsoft, the file structure on the GPS no longer is recognized by a PC, and a conventional file manager cannot even see the GPS, let alone transfer files to it. Like HOME2, MyTomTom has multiple functions in addition to copying POI files onto your GPS. You can load custom splash screens for start-up and shut-down, custom icons for your car, custom color schemes, etc.

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