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Hi friends,
I'm new to the forum. I'm working on a project. I would like to know which McDonald's Restaurant in the U.S that have Drive-Thru's. I've seen the information on McDonald's PlayPlaces, but did not see any on Drive-thru's. Does anyone have that information available to share with me? Thanks for your help. Cheers,

- Gene

Welcome to the forum Gene

Good question. I see that the McDonalds web site does indicate a drive thru, Playplace, Credit Card, Arch Card & Wi-Fi. Mahoney has a great list in the McDonalds. You may contact him via the contact icon in the POI listing.

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Thanks spokybob :)

I've reached out to Mahoney smile I'll keep my fingers crossed that he has that info. If not it will be a very long day on McDonald's web site.

- Gene

Mcdonalds drive thrus

Sorry, I don't have that breakdown. The only way to obtain that listing is to go thru the Mcdonalds listing location by location by location etc. Extremely time consuming. Over 14,000 locations in the usa and counting.

McD's Drive Thrus

Bummer. Thanks so much Mahoney. I appreciate the quick feedback. Guess it will be a long week for me smile

- Gene

Thanks Mahoney

I was afraid of that. 'Tis great that McD does have that info on the website.

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Hello genesurf00,I am

Hello genesurf00,
I am actually looking for the same info, would really appreciate if you can share your findings on the same.

Hello genesurf00,I am

Is there a McD's that doesn't have a drive thru?

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dewboy wrote:

Is there a McD's that doesn't have a drive thru?

1. The McDonalds inside Walmart stores don't, but most of the Walmart locations in mahoney's McDonalds file are tagged as such.

2. McDonalds locations in indoor shopping malls don't have drive-thru's either.

I know this because I worked with mahoney on updating the McDonalds file so I could filter out the Walmart locations when building my WiFi "Lite" file. Dufferin Mall in Toronto has:

- a McDonalds in the mall itself
- a Walmart in the mall, and
- another McDonalds in the Walmart.

That's 2 McDonalds in basically the same location and neither one has a drive-thru.

Perhaps ...

dewboy wrote:

Is there a McD's that doesn't have a drive thru?

The better way to ask is are there any freestanding units (not in a Walmart, mall, etc that do not have a drive thru.

I'm sure there must be one or two somewhere in the U.S., if not the world.

How about

the ones that is open 24 hrs or with a 24 hrs drive-thru. That would be helpful as well.

This is the one closest to me...

950 2nd Street Pike
Richboro, PA 18954

"You can't get there from here"

McDonalds without drive-thrus

I think there are many center city McDonalds that do not have drive-thrus (or parking). Basically store front type facilities.


Is there any POI just on RV friendly McDonalds

McDonalds Files

I maintain the Mcdonalds files and I also travel by RV. I am not aware of any listing that would indicate either Truck or RV parking available. Of course, any of the locations inside of a Walmart should have parking available for large rigs. My McD file does indicate which locations are inside walmart.