Volvo In-Dash Navigation System


I recently rented a Volvo C70 with the in-dash navigation system while traveling in Europe. Other than needing assistance to change the language to English, I did not have any problems using it as it was similar to my in-dash BMW unit, (which addmittedly is not easy for first-time users). Volvo uses NAVTEQ maps and (according to their website) offers two free map upgrades, a very nice feature. Otherwise, upgrades are 199 USD.

Since I did not know beforehand that I would have a car with a nav system, I brought my trusty GO930 on the trip. For my first destination, in Germany, I used both the Volvo nav and my GO930. The maps in my GO930 are several years old but it is still very useful. Other than not realizing that the system had a round-trip option selected, and therefore my time to destination (where I started) was way off of my expectations, the system matched my GO930. I figured that out after arriving at my first destination, then found out how to turn off that feature. From then on, I left my GO930 in the hotel and just used the Volvo nav.

I don't know how may POIs it has, but I was pleasantly surprised at the number of little restaurants I visit that it had. As with any POI in Europe, you need to know how to spell it to find it. In that regard, the Volvo nav was a little easier than my GO930, because it would start listing places in a split screen that were close to what I was entering.

The directions were clear and most of the routes were good. There was only one time that I would have taken a different route, but that is because I prefer to avoid downtown areas if possible, even if they are shorter. That is probably an option, but in the week I had the car, I did not check all of the available options.

It takes a little time to get familiar with the knob and buttons used to operate the system, but once you do, it is very easy to enter data. It also had an integrated Bluetooth, but I did not bother to set that up.

The screen is large and easy to see, even in bright daylight. As with my BMW, I like the map feature, I don't remember what Volvo calls it, where you can use the nav system as an electonic map. That is handy for me as I like to familiarize myself with places before I go.

The NAVTEQ maps were good and the voice commands helpful without being instrusive. ETAs were OK, but I noticed on the longer trips (~2 hours) they were conservative by about 5 minutes. The one trip I use my GO930, the round-trip feature was selected, so I could not do a direct comparison between the two. It also has an active lane guidance feature that I've come to rely on in my GO930.

Overall, I felt very comfortable using and following the nav system guidance.

For those of you considering an in-dash nav unit for a Volvo, if you can afford it, I recommend it.


Shooter N32 39 W97 25 VIA 1535TM, Lexus built-in, TomTom Go